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FoRuM » -=Information=- » Rules of forum and servers » Rules of forum and servers(ENG)
Rules of forum and servers(ENG)
DominatoRДата: Sunday, 16.03.2008, 04:29 | Communication # 1
Group: Удаленные

§1. General considerations.

- Rules are required for all participants in the forum. The use of forum indicates agreement with all without the exceptions positions of rules.
- Rules are basis for resolution of possible disputes and conflicts, which arose as a result of the use of forum.
- On the forum there are the divisions, in which are stipulated the additional rules of behavior, or change in the fundamental rules of forum, according to the specific character of one or other division or another, which act within the framework these divisions in addition to to the general rules of forum. In order not to draw on itself penal sanctions - read rules before writing anything in these divisions. In order to become acquainted with these rules - it is necessary to enter into the appropriate division, and to harvest to the reference of the rules of forum, or to the reference of the rules of division.
- To the participation in the forum are allowed any users independently of the religion, the nationality, the views, the floor and the place of residence with the condition of observing the data of rules.

§2. Norma is contact.

- No personal insults. You be polite according to the relation to each other. Relate to other players in the manner that you they would want, to relate to you. Administration requests users to preserve friendliness and respect with respect to itself and for each other.
- No statements of vulgar, unquotable, nonstandard, racist nature.
- No masked mat.
- No kindling of international dissension.
- All disturbances enumerated above lead by direct method to the warnings and subsequently to exception from the forum/of clan.

§3. It is forbidden to users.

- The name of the created theme must correspond according to the sense to its opening communication. This serves for facilitating reading theme, simplification in the work of moderators and facilitates navigation in the forum. There is a taboo to the names those as, for example, “help!!! ”, “it is compulsory to read!” or “ААА!!!”.
The name of theme must reflect the essence of his opening question or communication.
- Is forbidden duplicating by those and creation by the fact, identical according to the sense to those to already existing, before the creation of new theme it should be use search on the forum and been certified that theme there is no necessary to you still.
- Identical communications in one/several forums of one and the same player are forbidden. Use for this a function EDIT.
- Is not recommended to use in its communications a large quantity of drawing. Do not write entire text with large type, and also do not separate type by color, except as for the accentuation of attention in any fragment of text, do not misuse by upper register. All this hampers contact on the forum.Moderator in such cases, to its discretion, has the right to require from the user of the observance of this point.
- Is forbidden overkvoting - abuse of the tag “of quote” (quotation), with the use of quotations do not forget to cut off excess. Cite only that text, relative to which you want to publish on the forum your opinion.
- Is forbidden use and propagation of drawing and information, which disrupts the conventional moral and ethical standards. Moderator in this case can determine in its own way to discretion the degree of permissibility, published information.
- Is forbidden propaganda/advertisement/praising of any narcotic substances/of preparations.
- It is forbidden to place any kind the harmful references, capable of injuring to software of users of forum/moderators/of an administration.
- It is forbidden to be recorded with the forum repeatedly.
- If theme is closed with moderator - is forbidden to continue it in another theme, however, if user it is interested in its continuation - it can send PM to moderator and to learn why theme is closed and, if we there is a need, ask about the discovery, or creating the theme- continuation. The author of theme has the right at any moment to request in moderator to shut theme.

§4. Spam/flood is forbidden. Absolutely.

This includes:
- Absolutely nothing the significant answers or the creation by the fact/of communications only for the purpose of an increase in the rating in the forum.
- The communications, which contain only [smayliki].
- The communications, which go one after others into the same time frame.
- Communications duplicating or, that carry the same sense as communications already existing in the theme. This is not actual for the congratulations and the interrogations.
- Communications are the containing phrases like: “respect”, “applause” etce

§5. Rights and the responsibility of the moderators of forum.

- Fulfilling of the requirements of rules follow administrators, and also specially assigned moderators.
- The moderators have right, to suppress any attempts at the disturbance of the rules pointed out above. This right includes the right to edit communications, to move away or to move communications, to shut themes, and to also voice warnings to users. Repeated warnings can lead to the exception of user from the forum/of clan.
- In the situation of that not stipulated present rules moderator makes decision relying on the common sense, the conventional standards of public morals and morals, the general installations of the management of clan. User has the right to appeal the action of moderator to the leader of clan.
- In the case of especially heavy misdeeds player can be immediately excluded from the clan/of forum.
- The nonobservance of the competent requirements of the moderators of forum leads to the warning and then and to the exception from the forum/of clan.
- If user is not agreeable with warning or actions of moderators, it has the right to require the precise reason for this action of moderator by means of PM (personal communication in the forum).Moderators as users must discuss the questionable cases in the personal discussion. Both to moderators and to users it is forbidden to carry discussions to the open forum, with exception of that of specially diverted for this division “discussion of technical questions”.
- If user is not satisfied by the answer of moderator and places the validity of its answer for doubt, it can turn to the leader of clan by means of PM.
- Administrator (moderator) can shut theme, it is exclusive on the request of man of that begun this consideration. The administrator of site can to shut theme at his discretion, having preliminarily given explanations to its actions and reasonable explanation of the reasons for closing theme.

FoRuM » -=Information=- » Rules of forum and servers » Rules of forum and servers(ENG)
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